Blaze850 Traffic Cameras- Part No: BZT8509TSC

Introducing our cutting-edge innovation: The Blaze850 Traffic Cameras seamlessly. The SwiftLens offers unparalleled portability, allowing swift deployment to diverse locations without compromising accuracy. Its state-of-the-art technology ensures precise speed measurements, promoting road safety and adherence to speed limits. Whether it's temporary traffic control zones, construction sites, or strategic monitoring points, the Blaze850 Traffic Cameras is your versatile solution for real-time speed enforcement.

Product Summary

  • *Part Number: BZT8509TSC.
  • *Weight: 4KG.
  • *Screen: 8.0 inch touch screen.
  • *Detector type - uncooled microbolometer focal plane array.
  • *Power Supply: 20Ah Big Capacity Battery.
  • *Working Modes: DaY & Night.
  • *Intelligent Camera Image process - DDE, pseudo color.
  • *Protection Level: IP65.
  • *Pixel: 2MP Industrial pixels.
  • *Hard drive capacity: 128GB SSD.
  • *Work Voltage: 10-15V.
  • *Measure Range: 5-400km/h.
  • *Radar operating frequency: 24.15GHz.
  • *Application: Roadway Safety.

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